Since 1995 working on building the most trustworthy IT consultancy. Always in touch with technology advances and improvements, we make IT as simple as it can be. We offer personalized solutions, always taking care of your company's investment.

Secure IT Solutions

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Cloud Computing, Hosting, Servers Dedicated

Cloud Computing

Hosting, housing, dedicated servers. hosting of web sites and web-based systems on the most advanced and secure platforms available worldwide.

Informatic Security


Our greatest effort is placed on the security of your information. In the age of communications and Internet connectivity, security is our biggest concern, and all our solutions are designed from the point of view of security, for your peace of mind.

Mobile, Smartphones


As smartphones increase their presence in the international market, it becomes increasingly important to provide on-the-go solutions. For this reason, our software development and storage solutions are always designed with mobility in mind.

Mass Media
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1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

We like to introduce ourselves as an integrated IT solutions company, since our services range from hardware to software products, connectivity, backup systems and hosting solutions. All the pieces fit together and relate to each other, from a security and integrity point of view.

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