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Reinventing us constantly.

And it could not be otherwise. The world of IT requires it. Technology changes our lives, and binding us to previous solutions is to stay in the past. This speciality requires us to be in constant contact with technological advances. Some people say that a year in IT is equivalent to five years in any other field. It may be...

We started working on IT in 1995. Offering computer classes at homes and companies, repairing computers, assisting inexperienced users. At that time, IT specialists had a lot of work ahead of us: to help people enter the fascinating world of technology that was emerging and which, as Bill Gates said, was trying to reach every home.

But as time passed, clients needs shifted. Software development emerged with the boom of .com sites in 2000, giving us the opportunity to enter the world of web site and systems development. We developed products that we then market, and offered our services as developers to our customers, developing dozens of systems and websites, according to the requirements of each one of them.

Developing software confronted us with the world of hosting provisioning. We studied our alternatives and we begun offering our complete service of administration of hosting, housing, dedicated servers and its additional services (online backup and remote access, among others). We partnered with Rackspace Hosting and Liquid Web for this, and some other companies for specific needs (CodeGuard and SendGrid, among others).

We never stopped IT assistance for individuals and companies. Since 1995 and with a growing degree of professionalism and efficiency in our solutions, today it remains our main channel of communication with our customers, and our main channel of entry as suppliers. This is how we started offering antivirus solutions (NOD32), backups (iDrive, Synctoy, BeyondCompare, Dropbox, BackBlaze), and cloud file hosting solutions (Google Drive, Dropbox, and others).

So, as you can see, reinventing ourlselves is what we have been doing since the beginning!

Experience is one of the greatest values in IT decision making

Being in touch with the latest advances in IT is not the only thing we need, to be able to advise you as you deserve. It is also important to have enough experience so as to understand your problems and to quickly find an effective and efficient solution.


Well, we've been in this business for more than 20 years now, so we have that experience, which we surely complete with continuous studies of new software and hardware solutions, to give you the best service an IT company can offer you.


In all cases, our network of suppliers, who are called to collaborate when projects require it, are companies with experience and skill, as well as the vocation of help and problem solving that is necessary to work in this area. And this, again, is something we achieved very recently, thanks to our experience.

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Federico Dónofrio, Founder and general director OnSite ICT.

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